About Us

Santa Fe's Premier Craft Cocktail Lounge

Secreto Lounge is Santa Fe’s premier craft cocktail bar featuring “Garden-To-Glass” and vintage cocktails, and wines that trace the paths of the wine making traditions in New Mexico.

Our Garden-To-Glass program is recognized around the world as one of the most creative and cutting edge focused on using local, fresh, and organic ingredients.  Each drink is hand crafted by our talented Mixologists to give our guests not just a drink, but a drink experience.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs line the bar top and we invite you to order either one of our award winning drinks from the menu, or challenge your bartender to make something custom to your taste. Secreto Lounge is the home of famed mixologist and bartender Chris Milligan aka The Santa Fe Barman with a nationally-syndicated blog as well as guest author for several publications including Edible Santa Fe and the series Straight Up on SantaFe.com. Chris began pioneering Garden-To-Glass drinks in 2008 and joined Secreto when it opened in 2009.

Vintage cocktails are also featured along with the history of these timeless drinks. We research the stories and original recipes to bring history alive in an experience of time and taste.

Guests can also learn the ancient wine making traditions of New Mexico; the first commercial wine growing region in the United States. Our wine list traces the journey of two Italian monks that brought wine making to the New World in 1610 where they stole two vine clippings from Spain, smuggling them through South America and planted them just south of modern day Socorro, New Mexico. These vines, known as los vinos secretos, are the inspiration to the name of Secreto Lounge.

Accolades and Awards

Secreto has been featured in several prominent national media outlets including: Travel + Leisure, The Travel Channel, Forbes.com, Southwest Spirit, American Way, Cheers, Imbibe, Saveur, Sunset and many others. Secreto Lounge also has received many awards for cocktails including:
  • Best Cocktails by the Santa Fe Reporter's "Best Of" Readers Poll
  • The Spicy Secreto was the 2010 Las Vegas "Shake it Up" First Place Winner
  • Travel Channel's "Best of the Road" show People's Choice Award for Chris Milligan's cocktail
  • Mixologist Chris Milligan also won the Pride Santa Fe's Signature Cocktail Competition
Come in a visit our team of internationally recognized mixologists for a drink experience that should not be missed when visiting Santa Fe.

Secreto Lounge Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 4pm - 11pm
Friday to Saturday: 4pm - 11pm
Sunday: 12pm-10pm
Happy Hour Monday-Friday: 4pm-7pm